Clients Request Service

Clients request services simply and intuitively from client portal.

BetterWalker Client Scheduling

Approve Requests To Create Schedule

You review, edit and approve the client requests to populate the schedule.
An automated confirmation email is sent to your clients upon approval.
You can always strengthen your client relationship by easily adding a personal note to the email.

Create Recurring Appointments

No need to create regular recurring appointments for those clients with set schedules.

BetterWalker Recurrig Appointments

Make Changes to Schedule

It’s 6am on a Monday and one of your staff calls off, now you have 7 walks to reallocate to other staff members.
Use the load balancing tool to look at schedules side by side and simply drag and drop appointments between walkers.
As always staff is alerted of changes to schedule by text.

BetterWalker Load Balancing

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