Invoices Created by Staff’s Activity

We all know that what is scheduled on Monday isn’t always what happens on Friday.
As your schedule changes no need to go and change invoices as well.

Betterwalker Mobile Appointment

Services Reflect All of Your Pricing Rules

As your staff completes services, Better Walker invoices them automatically based on your pricing rules.
No need to create additional services for weekend, holiday or early and late charges.
If your staff completes a walk at 8am and you charge extra for early walks, Better walker will recognize this, and invoices accordingly.

Adding Service Item

Flexible Billing Cycles

Set your billing cycle for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or flexible to match the way your business operates,
no need to create a separate invoice every time you book a service.

Billing Cycle

Smart Invoices

Invoices automatically reflect not only the services for the billing cycle,
but any outstanding balance, credit or payment as well, giving your clients the true amount owed.

BetterWalker Invoice

Bulk Invoicing

Send individual invoices to clients or to all of your clients at once, saving valuable admin time.

BetterWalker Invoice

Get Paid

Clients can make payments through their client portal or you can initiate payments on their behalf.
You have the flexibility to either charge for services that have been rendered or pre- charge for services scheduled in the future.

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