Account Tab

Clients can view and pay invoices, keep their personal information up to date, and track all financial transactions between themselves and your company. As always, changes are submitted for approval before they go live.

BetterWalker Client Portal

Recent Appointments Tab

Clients can view most recent service activity including notes left by staff, strengthening loyalty to your business.

BetterWalker Recent Appointments

My Pets Tab

Clients can view and manage their pets schedule, and keep pet information up to date, including care instructions.
All changes are submitted to pet sitting company for approval. Learn More

Requesting Services

Clients can request services simply and intuitively from their portal.
As an admin you simply need to approve the request to populate your schedule. Learn More

BetterWalker Client Scheduling

Making Payments

Clients can make one time payment with a credit card or ACH/ e-check,
or add a payment method into the system for you to initiate charges on their behalf, allowing you to take control of your cash flow.  Learn More

BetterWalker Payment Method

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